Community Adult Day Training

We provide a Community Adult Day Training program as an alternative to traditional sheltered workshop based service. Our Adult Day Training program is an integrated community based experience which focuses on participation, increased enjoyment of life, improved social skills, and independence.
The TechRen ADT services provide training in the activities of daily living, self-advocacy, adaptive and social skills that are age and culturally appropriate.  Our consumers have participated in many different, economical activities in Central Florida. The focus of our ADT program has been to increase appropriate socialization, cooperation with staff and peers, and participation in a variety of activities.



Musical Therapy Program

Our Musical Therapy program is designed to make a connection, specifically with individuals with developmental and learning disabilities. Through a professionally organized choral process,  individuals will actively participate in a musical experience creating music with instruments, their voices, or other objects. This allows for the participants to be physically creative and expressive through the art of music. This program is organized and conducted by highly trained and experienced musical professionals who hold Masters degrees in Music and Psychology with over 20 years’ experience.



Physical Fitness & Sports Activities Program

Sports and activities set the stage for how individuals stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our programs include a structured atmosphere which incorporates physical health activities and ideal health habits for life. Our broad range of games and activities expose participants to forms of exercise that don't simply involve running around a track. Our Activities incorporate strategy, skill-building, exercises, and fun.




Basic Computer & Technology Workshop

Our basic desktop computer software and hardware training program familiarizes participants with modern technology required by individuals existing in today's society.  Our workshop covers  everything from programming a TV remote or tablet device to the basic operations of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, The Apple IOS, and Android operating system.  We also provide training to equip operating systems with accessibility options to support individuals with special needs and hands on troubleshooting tips on malware and virus removal.  We create a fun exciting and safe environment for our participants to get closer to technology.



Agriculture & Nature Workshop

Participants of this program will learn the importance of agriculture and how it is essential to our modern environment. We provide supervised agriculture experience programs, classroom laboratory instruction, field trips, and staff interaction. This will provide a lifelong learning experience.


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