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What are The TechRen Foundation programs?

The TechRen Foundation foster a space for participants to connect through multiple programs including a faculty experience, all surrounding their community’s topic of choice.

The programs are led by dedicated volunteers who create conversation, community and co-curricular learning.

What makes TechRen Music & Arts different from a regular music programs?

The TechRen Foundation provides a solid music education that brings children to fluent music literacy that is, the ability to read, write, and "hear" music in a safe and nurturing environment.

It is not just an activity where individuals meet to sing songs together and perform.

Music classes are the foundation of the program, not an extra offering; we develop musicians from the ground up using the voice as the instrument.

It is the quality of musicianship training that drives the quality of the performances.

Musicianship is taught in small groups twice per week; an arrangement that is far superior to once-a-week meetings.

This is much preferable to the outdated “private voice lesson” or "private music lesson" approach which requires repetitive “practice” sessions to reinforce learning.

The activities are age-appropriate and play-based, designed to teach musicianship to children and adults in a relaxed environment.

How much time do we need for this program?

Our programs are customizable, from thirty-minute sessions to full day events.

We’ll work with you to balance your goals and time constraints.

What size groups do you work with?

We work with groups as small as five people and as large as a hundred.

Do they have to know how to sing or be a creative type?

Most of our clients do not have musical experience.

This group process brings everyone along from start to finish.

By the time the session has completed their song, they will be a part of a group’s performance. No one is ever singled out or put on the spot. As for the creative part; everyone is inherently creative. It’s our job to bring that out in everyone, and we will!

Why is an agricultural program important?

Agricultural prepares each individual to be problem solvers, leaders, entrepreneurs and agriculturalists through the use of its three-circle model. In house and out house instruction, leadership development, and experiential learning all combine to offer participants a well-rounded education that will prepare them for the workforce, as well as teach them how to be educated consumers.

How does the program work?

• Teach by doing, not just telling

• Share their passion for agriculture

• Create lessons that are hands-on

• Reach individuals, including those who might not be successful in a traditional classroom

• Teach about cutting edge topics, like cloning, satellite mapping, bio fuels, alternative energy and more.

• Travel in state, nationally, and even internationally.

• Work with new and emerging technology from agribusiness companies.

How much time is needed for the program?

Participants should plan to devote a minimum of 15 hours each week per class that they take from 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Who can apply to The TechRen Foundation?

The TechRen Foundation are open to all state supported individuals (persons with developmental disabilities, foster children, and seniors).

What are the time commitments?

The intention of this program is to bring a group of participants together with a volunteer leader around the community’s theme area on a monthly basis January to December. Therefore, when applying to the program you should be aware that you must attend ​all mandatory programs for the year.

How are students registered for this program?

Participants are registered for this program by filling out the participation form on our page here. Participation is on first come first served basis.

Are there program costs?

There is a small cost to our programs. Click on the Sliding Scale Pricing button at the top of the page.

Who are The TechRen Foundation Volunteers?

The TechRen Foundation volunteers are established community builders whose primary role is to support participants in building a community of connection and learning around the selected themes.

These volunteers are experienced not only with community building and programming but are truly passionate about their chosen community.

They spend all year training and designing their communities to be launched this year, Fall 2024.

The TechRen Foundation volunteers are chosen based on their applications and multiple interview rounds.

How can I become a TechRen Foundation Volunteer?

Participants are eligible to apply to be Spring 2024 leaders at the end of the spring contingent on the level of participation in their communities this year.


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