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Live Musical Performances

We provide live musical entertainment with live performances by our volunteers  singing songs from the classic era that we all know and love.  This is available to eligible senior living facilities and homeless shelters.

Find out how you can register your program now.

Facility Sports Program Registration

January 22, 2020

Register individuals enrolled at your facility or program to participate in our sports programs.

Ranging from Kickball, Softball & Volleyball.  

Register to participate in our new Movie Reel Program

January 22, 2018

Why go to the Movies when we bring the movies to you.

Have an amazing time in the comfortability of your facility or school.

We will bring the "Movie Experience" to you with our 100" projector screen and an assortment of Movies from then and now.  Inquire about the eligibility of your facility, the dates and times by emailing us.

We cater to the facilities that help disenfranchised individuals and the elderly.

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